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Partnership with SmugMug; 15% rebate for you and you only :)

SmugMugTRI am extremely happy to have setup a partnership with SmugMug recently, and I would like to tell you more about it.

SmugMug is a platform that provides photographers and videographers with top of the line services:

  • build your own website for your fine art work: high resolution image preview, secured storage of your images
  • sleek website designs (you can create entirely new ones or modify templates to your liking
  • Monthly or Yearly subscription plans dedicated to each photographer, from amateurs to pros: Basic – Power – Portfolio – BusinessSmugMug-Plans
  • CSS is supported which means that the computer guru in you can personalized their templates even more
  • complete integration of your Social Media streams in order to share pictures or pages on them
  • direct sales of your photographs to your clients in a “hands free” fashion; what I mean is that all you need to do is upload your files on their server, choose what products you want to offer (pictures, canvas etc), the price of the pictures, which lab will print them and ship them directly to the client etc.
  • you can also setup direct payment from your clients for other services you may offer: workshops, one-to-one mentorship, limited edition prints etc

I have been using their services for nearly 2 years now with my website. I am very happy with their professionalism, the services they offer and they also have a wonderful customer service in case you need help from them. On top of it, they also have developed online support for people who want to tweak their websites even more.

If you’d like to see more about what can be done with SmugMug, I recommend you check out:

If you’re ready to go, you can benefit from a 15% off rebate on their yearly subscriptions by clicking on any of the images in this article, or here.

On a different note, I am very excited to announce that SmugMug will also be supporting my workshops and mentoring programs, with lots of great stuff and opportunities for my students!

So if you’re interested in some of the group events I am organizing or want to work on a one-to-one mentoring program with me, please comment below or use the contact form on my website: http://www.thibaultroland.com/


SmugMug support and 40% off Thanksgiving discount

I am so very happy to announce that SmugMug will be supporting my work and events starting now! Keep tight for more great news for this coming Spring.

I am really happy to have their trust because in my opinion, SmugMug is the best website solution for pro and very serious photographers who want to promote their work with a beautiful website and sell prints without thinking twice about it: they have an automated system that allows your clients to order directly from the website, and everything is handled directly by them.

And guess what!?
To celebrate Thanksgiving, *************** SMUGMUG OFFERS 40% OFF *************** their annual Programs.
To know more about them and grab your discount, follow this link, or click the image above.

PS: I will soon talk more about SmugMug on my blog. So keep an eye out for it!