Ask your questions to top Sony developers and engineers

11425539_846315538750965_7996445082006891878_oGuys!! I have the unique opportunity to ask any questions to some of the top Sony employees who developed the new cameras that got released a couple days ago: the RX10II, the RX100IV, and extremely anticipated a7RII.

This is the chance for you to ask your own technical questions and hopefully get an answer!!
How? Just ask you questions in the comments below, and I will try and pass them along. Maybe not all of them, but as many as I can!

The answers will come in a future blog post early next week.

PS: no need to ask for future releases or the directions the tech is going. This meeting is only about the new releases

15 thoughts on “Ask your questions to top Sony developers and engineers

  1. thibaultroland Post author

    Thanks for the question Adam, I have added it to the list!
    I hope I can give you a straight answer on Monday and that it will be full 14bits πŸ˜‰

  2. thibaultroland Post author

    Hi Helder Jacques!
    We had no information on upcoming gear so I cannot answer this question with anything else than my gut feelings: I would be very surprised there won’t be an a7S II… “eventually”. When? Again, no idea, but there was about less than 1 year between the a7R and a7S if memory serves.
    But like I said, I have NO INFORMATION about it… only wishes πŸ˜‰

  3. Ramon Perez

    A very important question that should be asked. If the a7rii has a full electronic shutter mode, for silent shooting, does that mean in this mode, you can sync flash natively at any shutter speed? Since there is no physical shutter working, in theory it should sync at any speed. Please ask Sony this very important question.

  4. thibaultroland Post author

    I will ask Ramon! Hopefully I can get you an answer… Hold tight πŸ˜‰

  5. Johannes

    In interviews Sony emphasized lately that they are listening to customer feedback to improve the cameras. Is there any preferred way to give them some feedback? I have some few ideas for improvements that could be implemented in firmware.

  6. thibaultroland Post author

    Hi Johannes! You can contact any of the Sony Artisans (me for instance) and we will pass along the suggestions. I have a few more of them to send already, so I’d be happy to add yours to the list.
    I can’t say however if they will be implemented nor how long it may take… But Sony engineers DO listen to their users and modify the cameras accordingly, so there is a good chance they will take action πŸ˜‰
    Let me know what you’d like changed/added, in the comments or PM if you prefer! πŸ˜‰

  7. Timo

    Raw size aside, how about the quality? Any options for uncompressed RAW, or RAW with lossless compression?
    Will it be possible to use the in-body 5-axis steady shot for highres images in the same manner as with Olympus E-M5 Mk II?

  8. thibaultroland Post author

    Hi Timo! Thanks for the questions! Like I said in the comments higher, this is a request from the users that they are aware of, and they said they are “working on it”. I don’t know more than that, but in my opinion it would be just a firmware thing so they could release a new version soon, I’m not too worried about it.
    Regarding higher res images using the 5 axis stabilization system, they did not tell us. But I can’t see why they would not offer it… eventually πŸ˜€

  9. Ricardo Jakulica

    Since the 2nd generation of alpha 7 includes IBIS: will we see new glasses without OSS to diminish size and weight?

  10. thibaultroland Post author

    Hi Ricardo! This is an EXCELLENT question! I will ask them at the first occasion and let you know when I can. Thanks!! πŸ™‚

  11. Ricardo Jakulica

    Hi Thibault,
    Please ask Sony Engeneers if it is possible to incorporate in a firmware update of the a7 series, the calculation of DOF (like Batis lensses does) displaying the results in the view finder.

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