Joint exhibits in Paris at Kusch+CO and BJF Galleries June 2015.

Thibault-ROLAND-poster_resizeI am very happy to announce that I will show photographs in two galleries in Paris (France) for joint solo shows in June, supported by Sony USA and Sony France. Both galleries are located in the prestigious Distric “Carré Rive Gauche” located near the Assemblée Nationale. The exhibits are part of the annual district event “Metamorphosis“.

Each will present two aspects of my work: architectural and seascape photography for Kusch+CO and BJF galleries, respectively.

The opening ceremony will be at Kusch+CO Tuesday June 2nd 5pm-9pm.

For more details, please see below and flyers.


25 rue de Verneuil

75007 Paris




27 rue de Verneuil

75007 Paris



6 thoughts on “Joint exhibits in Paris at Kusch+CO and BJF Galleries June 2015.

  1. Mark Rogers

    Excellent news. Well done. Such beautiful work. Like so many photographers I only get to see your work on the web, it would be great to see these in print…. Paris is a little out of the way for me though 😉

  2. thibaultroland Post author

    Glad you feel like this Mark!! Some of the prints I have will be as big as 20″x60″, and they look amazing! I’ll post some pictures later on, but as it turns out even I do not get to see my work printed nearly as often as I’d like… 😀
    Too bad you won’t be around for checking out the show! I’m sure it will look great!
    Thanks mate!!

  3. thibaultroland Post author

    Hello Stephanie, merci beaucoup pour ton message! J’espere que tu pourras te rendre au vernissage! Je ne serai malheureusement pas la en “personne” mais on essaie d’organiser une conference Skype sur iPad pour que je puisse quand meme discuter un peu avec les gens qui y seront presents.
    Dans tous les cas, n’hesite pas a me dire ce que tu auras pense des expos 😉 Je suis toujours interesse d’avoir un feedback et de faire les choses encore mieux la prochaine fois ;D

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