Sony’s Artisan for Imagery

AOI_Logo_DBI am thrilled to announce that I am now part of the Sony’s Artisan of Imagery Program.

It will basically allow me to use, test and review some of their best and newest gear, and work with a highly select bunch of great artists on specific events or collaborative projects.

What it changes: pretty much nothing! I will now use primarily the Sony A7r body and the exact same lenses I used to. Why? Because their mirrorless system allows for the use of adapters (such as this Metabones guy) and so you can still use ANY lens you had previously, and many more very cool ones such as “old” Medium Format or new hacked ones (link to come).

Oh, and don’t worry, I will still keep my head cool and review Sony’s stuff impartially whether it’s good or bad 🙂

I’m so excited, keep you posted!


Soon, more details about the gear I’ll use starting this day, and my plans for my trip to the National Parks in the West of the USA.


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