Study of MIT’s Stata Center: Cyclops

Here is another picture of the Stata Center at MIT in Cambridge MA.

CyclopsDid I ever mention that I’m in love with Frank Gehry’s work? I love it, I love it, I love it! It brings so many opportunities to fine art photographers!
This is another picture that I took of the Maria Stata Center here at MIT in Cambridge MA. And a very different one from the first I shared with you first ( Be assured there will be more in the future, since creativeness just flows in as I start taking pictures of this building!

I had the image already constructed in my mind then, and I knew I could not leave without taking the picture when the conditions were optimal. It was a very hot day then, and I think I spend more than 4 hours straight, waiting for the perfect light and cloud formations. When that magical moment came, the sun was reflecting on the windows, forming these incredible streaks of light.
I am glad I waited that long. Thanks for inner vision, thanks for patience, and thanks for writers of novel, because they allow long exposure photographers to pass time and enjoy themselves when waiting for the perfect weather conditions!
If you’re nice, I might even share the raw file some day 😉

To see this image bigger:

Technical info:
16 stops (10+6 IRND filters from Formatt Hitech Filters)
ISO 100
17 mm
315s exposure

Silver Efex Pro2

For more information about my photography:


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