A look behind the scenes.

Hi all!

I just started a Blog: https://thibaultroland.wordpress.com/

It is intended to give you a better idea of who I am, what inspires me, how I work, and what my raw material is. Simply put, to give you a look behind the scenes.

I will show you images of my photography trips, as well as images before and after processing. I will also share some of my feelings about gear that i get to use and test, and share with you some of the photo related information that caught my eye.

Please keep in mind that this blog is NOT intended to present exclusively Fine Art pictures, and that the opinions expressed here are worth no more than that of a very enthusiastic (sometimes too much) fine art photographer…

Additionally, I am thinking of offering free critiques of some of my follower’s pictures once in a while. Typically, it would be once a month or so, depending on the interest and my free time. But if you send me a picture and I select it, be aware that I will speak my mind and be honest. If I find it good, I will say it, but if there is something that does not work or can be improved in terms of technique or composition, I will also say it, so beware!! 🙂

Please do not hesitate to comment on this, and let me know what you’d like to see in the blog!


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